Financial Ratio

Type of Deposit Deposit term KHR USD THB
Savings Account 1-Year 0.25% 0.10% 0.00%
Current Account 1-Year - - -
Fixed Deposit
1 month - 0.75% 0.75%
3 month 2.50% 1.00% 1.00%
6 month 4.50% 1.00% 1.00%
12 month 4.75% 1.00% 1.00%
18 month - 1.10% 1.10%
24 month - 1.10% 1.10%
36 month - 1.15% 1.15%

Deposit Account Conditions:

1.Initial deposit (apply to all type of deposit)

Type of Deposit Initial Deposit
Current Account - 200 -
Savings Account 200,000 50 2,000
Fixed Deposit Account 2,000,000 500 -

2.All interest rates are applied to all type customers

Savings Deposit Account:

3.Interest pay semi-annual on 25th of June and December of every year case of no movement of the account more than 1 year, the account will be seized and dormant fee will be charged monthly

Fixed Deposit Account:

5.Interest pay at maturity

6.Partial early redemption is not allowed.

7.The deposit can be fully withdrawn before the maturity; customer shall notify KBank one day in advance, and shall get interest of savings account throughout the period of holding the deposit.

8.In case of early redemption is less than 3 months, customer shall get nothing. 

9.Additional deposit during the period is not applicable.  Customer should open new account and get new term of deposit for additional deposit.

10.In case of announcing new deposit interest rate;   

11.1 Savings and Current Deposit Account: the new rate will be applied automatically on the effective date

11.2 Fixed Deposit:  the new rate will be applied to the new account or renewal term only, the account which is not yet due on the announcement date shall get the rate on the opening/renewal day.