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This document is intended to provide material information relating to investment or product in discussion and for reference during discussion, presentation or seminar only. It does not represent or constitute an advice, offer, contract, recommendation or solicitation and should not be relied on as such. In preparation of this document, KASIKORNBANK PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (“KBank”) has made several crucial assumptions and relied on the financial and other information made available from public sources, and thus KBank assumes no responsibility and makes no representations with respect to accuracy and/or completeness of the information described herein. Before making your own independent decision to invest or enter into transaction, the recipient of the information (“Recipient”) shall review information relating to service or products of KBank including economic and market situation and other factors pertaining to the transaction as posted in KBank’s website at URL www.kasikornbank.com and in other websites including to review all other information, documents prepared by other institutions and consult financial, legal or tax advisors each time. The Recipient understands and acknowledges that the investment or execution of the transaction may be the transaction with low liquidity and that KBank shall assume no liability for any loss or damage incurred by the Recipient arising out of such investment or execution of the transaction.
The Recipient also acknowledges and understands that the information so provided by KBank does not represent the expected yield or consideration to be received by the Recipient arising out of the execution of the transaction. Further the Recipient should be aware that the transaction can be highly risky as the markets are unpredictable and there may be inadequate regulations and safeguards available to the Recipient.
KBank reserves the rights to amend either in whole or in part of information so provided herein at any time as it deems fit and the Recipient acknowledges and agrees with such amendment. Where there is any inquiry, the Recipient may seek further information from KBank or in case of making complaint, the Recipient can contact KBank at IR@kasikornbank.com or +(662) 470 6900 to 01, +(662) 470 2673 to 74.
* The information herewith represents data in the Bank's consolidated financial statements, some of the numbers and ratios are calculated before netting with KBank’s non-controlling interest.